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Business opportunity for Funeral/Legal Cover

Legal Cover

Why legal cover?

Because if you haven't had the need for a lawyer yet then rest assured you will need one in the future no doubt. And when the time comes it is going to cost you a lot of money if you don't have some form of legal cover.

Our LEGALSURE product provides you with the following benefits in return for a small monthly fee of R68.

• Telephonic Advice and Consultation
• Face-to-Face Consultation
• Review of Legal Documents
• Letter and Phone Calls on your behalf
• Drafting of Wills
• Application to restore credit rating (Black-listing)
• Small Claims Court Assistance
• Maintenance Matters
• Civil Clams by or against you
• Criminal Matters
• Bail Applications
• Labour Matters
• Quarterly newsletters

Why funeral cover?

Because funeral costs are high and many people don't make provision for it. Cover yourself and your family today for up to R20 000.

1. Are there any extra costs?
No - you only pay your monthly policy premium.
2. How do I make payments?
Payment can be made via debit order, cash, direct deposit or internet transfer.
3. Can I start working my business immediately?
Yes - you don't have to wait for your first payment to go through. You can, however, only start earning once your own business is activated, that is once your own payment has gone through.
4. When do I get paid?
We are paid on the 25th following the month during which your team member's payments went through successfully.
5. When do I receive written confirmation of my cover?
Under normal circumstances, it is mailed to you within 6-8 weeks after your first payment was received.
6. Do I need the internet to do this business?
No, although it will help to have internet and email access, there are many members operating this business successfully since October 2000 without using the internet in their marketing efforts. So no, you don't need internet access.
7. Can anyone market this on the internet?
Yes, any member of ours can make use of all our websites 100% free of charge. We'll show you how.

• In business since October 2000
• Registered company with the Department of Trade & Industry
• Member of the Direct Selling Association of SA
• An authorised Financial Services Provider
• Only company offering legal cover product combined with Network Marketing.

• Be your own boss
• Set your own hours
• Work with who you want to
• Work from where you want - office or home
• Spend more time with your family
• Do your own thing
• Make as much money as you want

Whatever the financial position you find yourself in today, there is a direct connection between your current circumstances and the choices you have made in the past.

Wrong decisions, missed opportunities - in most cases, it all led you to where you find yourself today.

This is an opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past and finally get on the road to financial freedom. Don't miss IT. Don't let this one count amongst the missed opportunities. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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