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VMail is the new Email

Extraordinary results can be achieved using this technology. Video Email can change the world and the way we communicate Vmail by Vmail !

Facts :

1. Google loves Video !
2. Cisco predict there will be a 10 fold increase in the use of Video over the next 5 years
3. By 2015, there will be nearly 3 Billion Internet users – more than 40% of the world’s projected population
4. Internet Video traffic is now 40% of the consumer internet
5. People retain 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see
6. Video is the single, most effective form of communication
7. Companies continue to look for additional creative marketing platforms
8. ‘Old school’ marketing is no longer effective
9. People spend 8 seconds reading a static text email, but retain 85% of what they see in a Video
10. Static text emails are easy to ignore, and at their best give a customer only the vaguest notion of what your business really values.
11. People simply don’t have the time today to read screeds of text and barely get past the third line, before deleting, without ever grasping the gist of the message that is trying to be conveyed.

Practical research has been able to demonstrate the power of video over other forms of communication:

1. ‘Video email marketing reaps 280 percent higher returns than direct mail.’ - Gartner Research
2. ‘63.9% of 5,000 people watched a video sent via email to completion. The average email viewer will only spend 8 seconds reading an email’ – Marketing Vox
3. ‘Good service is not enough. A customer who is 'emotionally connected' to your place of business is likely to spend 46% more money than a customer who is merely ‘satisfied', but not emotionally bonded.’ - Gallup Survey
4. Increased market interest. According to an August 2011 Forrester Research survey: 50% of interactive marketers believed that marketing's effectiveness will increase with online video over the next 3 years; while 43% said it would with E-mail marketing.
5. Increased clicks. According to David Daniels, former VP and Principal Analyst for Forrester Research, "Video in email can increase click-through rates as much as 2x-3x."
6. According to a video email case study by Holland America Lines, in-email video produced a 2x higher CTR versus a static image, and 2x higher CTR than their average campaign."

So what is a Vmail ?

· Video Email is simple to use, online, browser based technology, which enables you to create your own personal Vmails.
· No software downloads are necessary.
· Bandwidth is not compromised, as the VMail opens on the Internet.
· Vmail allows full integration with your social networks to share on Youtube or Facebook, etc.

Creating a Vmail is simple

· Use your Webcam to record your message or upload a video from your computer, IPhone, Android or any Smartphone.
· Incorporate marketing Videos or something from You Tube.
· Use the Template feature –
o Create your own personal template, using your own art or photos, or
o Choose a template from 100’s of designs available
· The system automatically adds your contact information.
· You can also add images, such as printable coupons or hyperlinks to other websites.
· Use the Contact Manager to manage all your contacts –
o Import all your contacts from your phone, email and computer into one spot.
o Organize your Contacts alphabetically or in Groups.
o Select and send to any number of your contacts using the Contact Manager.
· Use the campaign scheduling feature to send right away, or set the day and time that you’d like it to go out.

Why use Vmail ?

1. It’s different
2. More powerful
3. More effective
4. Is creative/attractive
5. Seeing is Believing
6. Has more impact
7. Grabs the customer's attention
8. Enables you to make eye contact and develop a relationship with that person, engaging them on a level that is simply not possible with a static text email.
9. Enables your voice to resonate on a subliminal level.
10. Will replace static text emails, which are easy to ignore, and at their best, give a customer only the vaguest notion of what your business really values

Vmail uses are endless for Personal or Business use :

· Business - Product launches, service info, teaching, training, skilling etc.
· Employee CV’s
· Invitations
· Personal use – Sharing special events e.g. Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Vacations, etc
· Announcements Personal or Business

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